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Join Dartmouth College Hillel for Taglit Birthright Israel!

Taglit-Birthright Israel is an amazing, FREE, ten day trip to Israel for Jewish young adults between 18 and 26 who have never been on a peer trip to Israel.




Please use the following criteria:
Provider = Hillel
Trip = Campus
Referral= Dartmouth College Hillel


1 – Visit the registration site, complete your application and pay your $250 deposit. 

Please only use the registration link provided! If you use another website or trip organizer you will not be registered for the correct trip and we cannot guarantee we will be able to fix this error.

2 –  Receive an email confirmation and link to part 2 of the application
This will happen approximately 24 hrs after you register. You must complete part 2 – which includes medical forms and passport information ASAP.

3 – An in-person interview with Hillel staff
One of your Hillel staff members will be in touch to schedule your interview, this interview helps us to confirm your eligibility for the trip and get to know you!

4 – Wait to hear if you are offered a seat on this round or if you have been waitlisted


When is the trip?

All Dartmouth College Hillel Trips leave on official Dartmouth breaks.  We will share information about the exact dates as soon as we have it (though this will usually not be before registration has closed), you are encouraged to register for Birthright even if you aren’t sure that the dates will work for you for this round (students who register but are unable to attend because of date conflicts, because they are waitlisted, or for other reasons are given priority registration for the next round).

What if I sign up and then I can’t go?

When you register, you are required to pay a deposit to be considered for admission. If you decide you cannot go, you can withdraw and receive your deposit back if you do so before the withdraw deadline. If you withdraw after you will lose the deposit.  The deadline will be communicated to all students who register, so that there is no confusion.

If I register am I guaranteed a spot? 

We truly work very hard to accommodate everyone who registers, but we are required to register enough students to fill all of our spaces plus a significant waitlist (because many students often find that they have a date conflict or another reason for which they must delay participation).

Can I go with friends from other schools? 

Non-Dartmouth students can sign up for the Dartmouth trip but Dartmouth students will get priority if there are not enough spots.  Same for siblings / relatives.

Is there anything I have to pay for? 

Participants will receive their deposit back upon completion of the trip. Participants are responsible for transportation to and from the point of embarkation (usually in the New York) and for the cost of an average of one meal a day on their own. Participants are also asked to bring between $60 and $90 in tip money for tour providers in Israel and to cover group expenses like t-shirts. Any shopping or additional spending money is at your discretion.

Can I see a sample itinerary?

Check out for a sample itinerary.



The short version of who is eligible:
• Someone who is 18-26 who identifies as a member of the Jewish people with at least one Jewish grandparent or a formal conversion, and who has never been on a peer trip to Israel.
The short version of who is not eligible:
• Someone who lived in Israel after their 12th birthday, or who has begun, but not completed the process of converting to Judaism, or who identifies as a member of another faith, or who has been to Israel on a peer trip.